1. Big Ed

    Lime render

    Three parts sand.
    One part lime.
    A little water.

    Big Ed

    Two parts builder.
    One part philosopher.
    One part icon.

    They say a man can be judged by the tools he uses. Well, here I look at my bucket of tools with which I could erect a dwelling, and wonder.

    There is my Stabila level for accuracy; Marshaltown trowel for balance; and last, but not least, my versatile Estwing brick hammer, with which I can cut and dress bricks.

    I was asked to pick my best tool, but they are all the best of their kind. You choose.

    Builder by day. Town oracle by night. In his day Big Ed was Cardigan rugby club captain. And by all accounts should have played for Wales. He has no twitter account, but has secretly confessed to having a Kindle. And loving it.

    Photo by Andrew Paynter