1. Writing with light

    It is a fleeting moment. It is eternal.
    It comes from the inside.
    It reveals the author.
    It is catharsis.

    It is life. It is death. It is every place in between.
    It demands a response: β€˜is anyone taking any notice?’
    It is worth dying for. It is not worth dying for.
    It persuades. It challenges.
    It is safe haven. It is stunning beauty.
    It is freedom.

    It is a snowflake – subtle and unique.
    It is a storm – bold and dramatic.
    It is pain and anger and suffering.
    It is love and celebration and laughter.
    It is blood and sweat and tears.
    It is passion.

    It is news. It is fiction.
    It is a story. It has no beginning, no middle and no end.
    It is objective. It is honesty.
    It lies. It is subjective.
    It has meaning. It helps make sense of the world.
    It questions. It answers.

    It takes the eye to a destination and the mind on a journey.
    It takes the eye on a journey and the mind to a destination.
    It is not always clear what it is.

    It is left-to-right and top-to-bottom. It has depth from front-to-back.
    It is colour. It is black and white.
    It is light. It is dark.
    It is negative. It is positive.

    It is an image. It is an object.
    It is inspired. It is art.
    It is treasured and framed. It is a cheap print.
    It is a happy accident. It is meticulously crafted.

    It is what the author intended to make.
    It is not what the author intended to make.
    It is touch, taste, smell and sight. It talks.
    It creates feeling. It is evocative.

    It is permanent. It fades over time.
    It is dying. It is reborn.
    It is taken. It is given.
    It is mine. It is theirs. It is ours.

    It is a photograph.
    It is yours.