1. This is is a 10-year project

    This is is a 10-year project. Each year we will meet back up at the farm. We will spend the week repairing the farm, catching up with the year’s events, eat some great food, and have some fun. And at the same time take photographs for the next year book. There will be years where some people can’t make it. And we will invite some new people along too. It will serve as an interesting marker in time. And bit by bit, the farm will find a new purpose again. Whatever that may be.

    The first known mention of a dwelling on the farm was in 1201. A little before the internet and Google. Its more recent history has been as a dairy farm.

    Maybe its future will lie in becoming a farm that grows people rather than food.
    A Do School. A place where you learn how to start businesses of the future.

    Crazy dream. Maybe. But dreams shouldn’t be logical. Logic doesn’t take the big steps that dreams can.

  2. Lime

    Lime is mildly antiseptic so it is still used in agricultural buildings prior to lambing, for example, to help ‘cleanse’ the internal environment. Lime has been used for nearly 3,000 years. It was used for the Pantheon in Rome, the Great Wall of China, the aquaduct in Niemes, France 18AD (still waterproof). A quarter of all houses in Wales are built and plastered with lime mortar.