1. In quality we trust

    In the same way as the orange stitching runs through our jeans, a belief in quality runs through our company.
    For us, quality is not just about using the finest materials, but it is the philosophy behind everything we do: how we look after our people, how we treat our customers, how we conduct ourselves as people and, ultimately, how we do business on a planet with a finite set of resources.

    Quality is also about design. To make something so that it will always be loved is a rare skill. Most things are not discarded through failure to function, but because people grow tired of them.

    Knowing this informs of us of the importance of design that has longevity on the eye. To be classic, to be understated, to not be of a moment so it won’t die in that moment. Yup, the eye must be given consideration when we design.

    And indeed, quality is about materials too. The stuff we can feel with our hands. A great product will keep performing as intended when made using the very best materials. This is of course, obvious. But this is where most people try to cut corners. And then they wonder why their customers never came back for more. So maybe, it isn’t so obvious.

    And lastly quality is about a respect for the planet’s valuable resources. How often does a cheaper product have to be replaced? Part of that price is paid by the customer, but the other part is paid by us all.

    In a world that seems obsessed by quantity rather than quality, we know where we stand. We will make the best jeans that we can, rather than the most jeans that we can.