1. Flavour

    There is a great quote about the fast food industry: “Speed and convenience is everything, flavour is secondary.”

    In a way, music has followed suit. We can have everything we want, whenever, wherever. We no longer even have to own it.

    And for the most part, it’s brilliant. But for flavour read fidelity. And it’s become secondary.

    It’s all been flattened. The highs and lows have been taken out.

    But fidelity matters. How accurate a copy is to its source matters. You want to hear its very soul sing out loud to you.

    The hairs on the back of your neck are there for a reason.

    So go buy a second-hand turntable, cd player, amp and some speakers from Ebay, it’s super cheap these days as less people want ‘flavour’.

    It’s good to start listening to music again.

    *System at the factory

    • Audiolab cd player
    • Linn Basik record player Cyrus 1 amp
    • Mission speakers Chord connectors

    * You can’t make a great jean without great music.